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2019-01-22 新通教育

 1.Describe your favorite room,it can be in your house or some other place and explain why。...

 1.Describe your favorite room,it can be in your house or some other place and explain why。

2.Some people prefer go to the destination directly when they on a trip ;others prefer spend time to go to some other places along the trip.which do you prefer and why?

1. describe a special friend, why she/he is special to you?

2. u prefer to be a lead or support member in a group project?

1. 描述一次跟coworker 合作解決一個問題的過程,並?明該次經?對你有?麼作用。

2. 你是否認為長大的孩子應該幫助家裏幹家務活。

1. Talk about an composition that is important to you, ex: essay, poem, letter, and explain the reasons.

2. Which kind of professor do you want to select? The processor lets you work alone or the professor attends you to a part of the work group?

1. 選一個人為?麼你會常跟他相處

2. 是否同意小孩應該適合在安靜的環境下學習

1. 學校應該有那個characteristic.

2. ?遊前搜尋資?,或者?搜尋,你喜歡那個?

1. While choosing a restaurant or café, what are the most important features you care about? Why?

2. Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern building ? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

1. ?一個你喜歡的科目和原因

2. 你喜歡去大城市還是去小鄉鎮過VACATION?為?麼?

1. what kind of sports/ music/ other activities you would like to learn in the future?

2. 喜歡一個人sport 還是跟別人一起

1. 講述一個situation 是你向別人尋求幫助的,再講下對方的回應和結果?

2. prefer jobs with higher payment or jobs that you are satisfied with

1. ?一位?你尊敬的長輩, like your grand parents. ?明為?麼他讓你admire 及對你的影響.

2. Some people think children join team sports may encourage the sense of competition, others think this would help they develop the sense of cooperation, what's your opinion.

1. 描述在SPARE TIME 你都做?麼,?如:READ OR SPORT.

2. 大學是否應該免費/

1.The most important characteristic of an apartment or a house.

2.When going to the concerts or films do you prefer alone or with a group of friends?

1. 為你將?從事的事業,你會選擇哪種技能?Social skill 還是creativity?

2. 你是否認為生活在21 世紀比過去?加?人激動?

1. What are some important effects of internet on modern people’s life? Use specific details and examples to support your response?

2. 你認為大學生應該在hometown ?書好還是應該到別的城市

1.Describe a trip in the future.


1.What subject do you think is difficult for you to learn and you don't like, but you think it is very important. Explain why it is difficult and important? Please include reasons and details in you explanation.

2.Some people prefer to watch a movie at home. Others prefer to watch a movie at a movie theater. Which do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

1. What do you do to keep healthy?

2. Do you prefer celebrating birthdays or holidays with a large group of people or a small group of people?

1. What kind of movies do you enjoy most? Use examples and details to explain why.

2. Do you agree or disagree:students should wear uniform in school?


2.Do you agree or disagree the following: we are more informed of the world events than our parents when they were young? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

1.Describe the teacher you most favourite.

2.Some people make decision soon, but some people spend plenty of time to think a lot before they make decision, which one is better?

1.Describes the terrain which you want to live? (mountain, desert, prairie, forest etc.. )

2.You are willing to read fiction or nonfiction?

1.Will you go to foreign country to study in university or college, why?

2.When you tour to an unfamiliar city, you prefer travel by car or by public transportation such as bus,why?

1. Good time and the good news you receive during the time.

2. Should the freshmen live in one building or mix with other students?

1.Describe your goal in the future and tell its importance to you.

2.Some students like to attend full time college, and other students like to attend part time college, which one do you prefer?

1.In 10 years one thing you think will make your life different.

2.It is important to learn about other cultures.(is it important to learn a new culture) agree or disagree?

1. 好?師必須具備的一個品質是?麼?

2. 你同意?同意:和與你有?同興趣的人交朋友?好?

1.What suggestion you will give the child who first start to go to school?Why?

2.Someone likes to live where the climate(seasons) not changes, while others prefer to live where the climates changes with the season. Which one do you prefer?

1.Describe one of the difficulties in which you received help from your family, friends or classmates and please give specific details to describe how their suggestion helped you.


The most important influences that young adults have are from their families

1.Describe people who you would like to ask for advice when you are in trouble.

2.Agree or disagree government should invest museum and theater.

1.What type of music do you enjoy most? Explain why you enjoy this type of music. Include reasons and details in you explanation.

2.Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It's easier to teach children in primary schools than students in universities. Include reasons and details in your explanation.

1.Bicycle, automobile, airplane 哪種?enjoyable,?明?由和?子。

2.part-time job/ summer employment 是否對選擇職業有幫助。



1.What is the most important characteristic of an apartment or a house?

2.Going to the concerts or films prefer alone or with a group of friends.

1.what activity do you and your family like to do together ?

2.Do you like shopping in large grocery store /department or small grocery store ?

1.loyalty, honesty, a sense of humor 哪一個是Friendship ?面,你認為最重要的特質,並解釋why?

2.你喜歡通過?麼獲取新聞:newspaper、magazine 還是TV


2.why artist and musician important to society


2.Some prefer read news paper regularly, which do you prefer?

1.Which skill do you think is important for students to learn.

2.Someone prefer to buy things from internet or magazines, others like shopping in store, which do you like?

1.關於工作環境方面,有 3 個因素,請選擇一個你喜歡的因素並給原因:

1. 友好的同事;2. ?活的時間;3. 好的?闆

2.cell phone 提高人們生活品質,你同意嗎?為?麼?

1.講你的一個朋友給你的 surprise

2.When you have free time you prefer to do indoor activities or outdoor activities? Why? (Prefer indoor activities or outdoor activities?)

1.你認為你的 country 在近20 ?內change 最大的是?麼?


1.Describe a thing that you don't know how to do, but you would like to learn how to do. Give examples and reasons to explain why you want to learn it.

2.Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Students should be given a one-year-long vacation after their academics learning before entering university. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

1.What method do you use to relax in free time? why?

2.University students should attend school regularly or most knowledge is learned outside school?

1.Describe a gift that you want to give someone. Why?


1.Describe your favorite area in the city/town you live in.

2.Do you prefer to ask an instructor when have a question or find answer in book or on the Internet?

1.Describe an interesting cloth of your country and explain why it is interesting.

2.Some people prefer to spend time with their family or friends. Others prefer spend time alone. Which do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your reasons.

1.Describe one way your character changed since you are a child.

2.Should the parents let their children learn practical course like cook or personal finance.

1.Describe a enjoyable day and explain why it is a enjoyable and special day.



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