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2015-11-13 新通教育



        Do people truly benefit from hardship and misfortune?
  Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

     Sample Essay

     People always look for being better. So there is no doubt that prosperity takes the leadership in the process of human beings. We are not eager for adversity because some of them may be too destructive that there may be no possibility for them to give us the chance to recover. To conclude all the adversities as beneficial are rather inaccurate but certainly part of them actually “catalyzed” or propelled the civilization.

     Experiencing misfortunes may be one of the most effective ways people learn lessons from, though sometimes it might be too heartbreaking. Human beings have suffered too many wars since we existed. The two world wars almost ruined the whole world. Fortunately, it eventually made people aware of the importance of peace and the power of weapons and rights. To America, it was Japanese’s air raid at the Pearl Harbor that made them strengthen the navy with aircraft carriers; to Germans and Italians, it was the loss brought by the wars that forced them to experience from autocracy to democracy. Wars are always misfortunes and hardships to both the losers and the winners. People get to know how to minimize the loss after every single battle though the costly death is sometimes inevitable. But luckily human beings know to cherish and to maintain peace and harmony, which is the progress people are making based on adversity before.
     In order to explore more positive influence of adversity, we need look no further into the Industrial Revolution. At that time, innumerous factories were built to satisfy the need of production. Hence, millions of tons of waste water, filibusters, and other chemicals were released without further cleaning procedure. The chemical smoke happened in LA and London in 1960s shocked the world and put these cities on the right track. I have been to the two cities several years ago and I was so fascinated by its view and didn’t find any remains of the disaster dozens of years ago. Not all of the attempts succeeded but we should praise the efforts. At least, people realized that there are neither more forests for us to ruin not any more fresh water for us to pollute or at least people’s deep awareness was stirred that the natural resources are not endless. Though destruction exists, we should also see the protection and other actions we take to rescue this planet. Obviously, the world has learned a lot through one-hundred-year environmental care activities.

     We do not appreciate the adversity for the whole. But when we are confronted with adversity, our willingness and wisdom, to some extent, is enhanced by overcoming the straits. Each coin has its two sides. People learn from the beneficial side of hardship and misfortune to exist and develop.




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